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[Halle's 1st Birthday]

Let me just tell you something about the Simmons family... they have quickly become some of my favorite people to be around. Working with Elle has been above and beyond what I could have hoped for and truly value and cherish the friend and confidant I've found in her. Joe and Elle are fabulous parents to Halle and when Will decides to make his grand entrance into the world in the next few weeks, he is going to be in for a surprise at the wonderful parent's God has entrusted him with! Here are some pictures of sweet little Halle's 1st birthday!

Halles First Birthday_0005.jpg
Halles First Birthday_0019.jpg
Halles First Birthday_0027.jpg
Halles First Birthday_0091.jpg
Halles First Birthday_0100.jpg
Halles First Birthday_0132.jpg
Halles First Birthday_0202.jpg
Halles First Birthday_0214.jpg
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