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[Conner + Leah]

WOOO was I looking forward to this wedding! 

I have had the pleasure of knowing Leah since the day she stepped foot on Liberty's campus as a freshman and have loved her vivacious personality and zeal for the Lord since then. 

I remember the day she started dating Conner she burst into me and my roommate's room (we were the RAs) to tell us all about this goofy, fun, man of god that she was already so obviously head over heals for. 

It was so neat to see their relationship continue to develop both near (when I'd see her) and far (when social media caught me up) and getting the text that she was finally engaged to the guy she knew she'd marry since day one. 

This day was so sweet- outside of Pittsburgh where Leah grew up, they had their ceremony at her home church. It was neat to see the special aspects of this church that has so much history to Leah and her family. She even showed me the bell that was rung for devotion time at VBS. 

The ceremony was held at the incredible Greystone Field which was beautifully decorated with so many details that wonderfully depicted the bride. We got to take some sunset photos which is always, always, always my preference. Take a look below for an insight into what the day looked like: 

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