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[Kasey + Karmi]

Karmi + Kasey's wedding was an absolute dream! The ceremony and reception were held at the Piedmont Country Club located right outside of DC (link below) and we had a beautiful day filled with beautiful lighting, and SO many friends + family. I say SO many because Karmi's family is from South Africa and so many of them made the trip to celebrate, PLUS special friends from Germany. I learned some new words, laughed at times I didn't understand what was going on but ultimately, was treated like family the entire day! 

This wedding took place when I had JUST announced my pregnancy, so that was a fun added element for me. Special shout out to the Gonçalves family for opening their hearts and homes to me that weekend- you all are SO wonderful and I am forever grateful to know you!

Here are the highlights of the day: 

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