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So we're moving.

So we're moving. We're moving and I'm sad. We're moving and it's hard. But we're moving, and I'm also so excited for our adventures to come.

I love my job. I literally think every week how grateful I am that my bosses hired me. That they chose me and entrusted me with the lives of precious college students.

That not even one month out of college myself, newly married and bright eyed and bushy tailed, I moved directly back onto a college campus.

It's a little backwards, a little unconventional, I do realize that. And I know so many of you who found your way to reading this may have been wondering what the heck I even do because it really is hard to articulate. That I live on a college campus. With my husband. As I over see and care for young women.

I teach and talk about Jesus, and I teach and talk about leadership. I kid you not those are my two favorite things to teach and talk about. 

I get to hire RAs and help them build up and cultivate a team of 12 leaders that they will then oversee on their halls as they also care and love on the 60 or so girls on their dorms.

I meet with these RAs and try my best to pour out all I've got to offer to them. To challenge them, encourage them, love them, and strive never to do the injustice of not enabling them to grow and learn about themselves as they are constantly being challenged and molded and stretched in sometimes painful ways, but always in the likeness of our Heavenly Father.

It's easy to feel inadequate. It's easy to feel like I'll leave without making a mark. But I know that's not what matters and certainly is not what has measured my success. I walked forth in obedience in the beginning of this journey and I told the Lord if that was all He needed from me: my obedience, that was worth it to me, and that stands true today just as it did then and just as it will in May when I wrap up this season of life and for that I have relief and for that I have indescribable peace and joy.

I know I still have time to savor and time to write notes and quality time to still give my people-

But I want to say thank you. Publicly. 

Thank you to my bosses for giving me a chance, loving the heck out of me, always expecting my best, encouraging me, and for drawing me pictures of Bag End.

Thanks to my coworkers [my fellow RDs] for being the best humans to ever work with. It really is such a unique and indescribable community we have- no one else gets being a grown adult with a professional job while living on a college campus. Thanks for challenging me and pointing me the cross and always helping me to be successful.

Thank you to my RAs- every single one of you I've ever gotten to work with because you have been my favorite part of this season. Thanks for giving me grace when I needed it, for growing and learning beside me, for respecting and enabling me, and for trusting me to lead you. I literally couldn't love each and every one of you more than I do.

And finally thanks to Clay for marrying me, living on a college campus with me and being surrounded by a million girls in our home time and time again and literally never once complaining or caring but again, just loving and enabling me and helping me. You the real MVP, babe. 

It's hard to say goodbye to seasons. I know I'm not the only one who feels that- those of you who've done that yourself: what helped? What is your favorite thing about your new adventure? And what was the hardest part about your transition?




For anyone curious, we're moving to the Roanoke area where Clay scored the perfect-for-him job with a company called Shrewd Archery. More on me and what I'll be pursuing to come [as I think and dream and pray]. 

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