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[Alyssa // Bridal Portraits]

This is one of my very favorite sessions- my BFF Alyssa got married in April and a few week's before we hiked up a mountain with all of our gear and took these dreamy-overcast-photos *insert heart eyes* despite the insane amount of wind we were dealing with, it was such a sweet time and my heart was filled from being creative and spending such intentional time with this lady. We had our other BFF Sarah Holland (of Sarah Holland Weddings ) helping with all of the details and I seriously mean it when I say we could NOT have done it without her. From fixing hair, to holding dresses and florals, to helping with wind mishaps, she came in clutch each step of the way. 

You guys. I could talk about this shoot forever, but I am DYING to show you some more intentional images so here. we. go:



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