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[Justin + Chelsea || Dayton, OH]

A huge reason I love doing what I do is because I often get to work with people near and dear to my heart (and to be honest, every couple ends up that way- I can't help it. #sentimental) 

Chelsea has been such a precious friend to me for so many years. We've been through a lot of life together; a lot of growing and learning and learning to be molded more and more into the likeness of Christ. 

Somehow in the back of my mind, I knew one day I'd capture her wedding (even before she was dating Justin!!) She helped me with many college photo projects, so she is no stranger to my lens and creative process. 

I love this girl. Her encouragement, her zeal for the Lord, her infectious joy and hilarious humor. Her wedding day meant so much to me and even more so that she snagged a man like Justin! It is such a blessing to see your dearest friends marry incredible individuals, and Justin is no exception- he's amazing!


Their sweet April wedding was in Dayton, OH and had a lot of special elements! The wedding ceremony was held in her grandparents church which conveniently had a beautiful backyard garden area where you will see we took many photos! The architecture of this wedding was stunning and their were some extra special lanterns our front that were put their in honor of her grandparents. 

The reception was held in the Packard Car Museum in downtown Dayton- hands down the COOLEST wedding venue I have ever had the pleasure to capture. SO incredible with big windows + the vintage car- My dad would have lost his mind and you better believe I sent him so many photos of the vehicles. :) 

Here are some of the highlights of the day: 

(check out the bottom for vender details!) 

These are the lanterns! 

These are the lanterns! 

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