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[Anthony & Rachel // Durham, NC Engagement]

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SO incredibly pumped for this e-session to find it’s way in a forever spot on my blog!

(side note— one of my favorite things is going back and looking through sessions. #nerd, I know but I just really love what I do and I really love the people I get to work with!)

I had a really sweet day with Anthony and Rachel in the Durham Tobacco district! I have known Rachel for what feels like FOREVER— so it was incredible special to 1) catch up with her! 2) meet her man & 3) MEET HER PUP CURTIS!

I don’t have words for how much I love dogs. We don’t currently have one (we do have a cat who kind of acts like one!) so when I do get to spend time with doggos I savor that. ;)

I think Curtis is one of the most photogenic dogs I’ve had the privilege of capturing. (can dogs be ring bearers? he’d kill it!)

Since I no longer live in the Triangle, it’s actually been a hot minute since I’ve gotten to explore the Tobacco District in Durham and honestly there is SO much going on in that area that I seriously can’t wait to go back just for fun!

We had a ton of fun walking around and snapping photos with Curtis & then ended the session with some A+ Ice cream. What was absolutely clear about Anthony and Rachel and their relationship is they love each other deeply…. & know how to have so much fun together (note: their incredibly fun socks)

THANK YOU, Anthony & Rachel for spending this time with me. I had the best day snapping away and truly can’t wait for your October wedding!

Here are a few (a lot) of my favorite photos!

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