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[Judah James // Newborn]


When it comes to photography for me, the only thing that could possibly rival wedding HAS TO BE taking photos of new little babies in their parents arms!

This style of newborn photography is considered "lifestyle" because it's more about capturing raw moments and emotion in their brand new home, with their brand new parents rather than too many poses! 

What made this session even more special to me, however, is that the new parents are two of my best friends in the world. 

It's hard to articulate what it's like watching your friends hit major life milestones... getting married....landing dream jobs... etc. but man seeing them have a baby + watching them become parents? It's absolutely unreal. 

Sarah and Peter are already incredible parents to Judah. He is so incredibly lucky to have them as parents. They will love him fiercely, teach him about Jesus, and will always lead by example. 

Because of them Judah will absolutely learn: 

How to be brave
How to dream big
How to never give up
How to work hard
How to love deeply
How to follow Jesus with reckless abandon


I can't wait to continue watching him grow. I know this won't be the last time I get him behind my lens ;) 

Here are some of my favorite moments: 

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