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[Chris & Megan // Engagement, Shenandoah State Park]

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I’m so happy to get this session up! This was one of my favorite photography to date.

Chris, Megan, and I all live in different states, so we were looking for a place we could all meet halfway for photos.

Megan is a fellow photog, so her and I were doing our due diligence researching.

I have always wanted to go to Shenandoah State Park, but when I initially looked up the distance, it was wayyy closer to me than for Chris and Megan - -

Fast forward to Megan asking me about shooting there, I was excited but asked her “are you sure?!” becaue I had thought it would have been so far - - little did I know, that Shenandoah State Park spans OVER 100 miles!

I looked into it again and realized I had been looking at the state park entrance closest to me, but there were many places to meet that were are great half-way point for us!

Since none of us had been there, I started doing a ton of research. We ended up meeting at a visitor’s center around mile marker 50 and so I looked up different overlooks that were close enough in either direction to stop and take photos at.

There are actually 75 different overlooks spanning those 100+ miles, so I knew we’d probably see some we’d want to pull off based on what we saw (and we did!) but I’m so glad I was able to research and find photos of some beautiful overlooks, because that helped us have a flexible plan of action.

AND MAN. This state park is beyond beautiful. When I got home I couldn’t stop telling Clay about it. I definitely want to go back and drive the whole thing from stop to finish and stop for picnics and beautiful views.

Something CRAZY to mention is that the day we had scheduled photos, the weather was ALL OVER THE PLACE. As you’ll see in alllll of the photos below, at each overlook we stopped at, the weather was drastically different. We had rain, A TON OF FOG, perfect clear sunshiney sky— it was crazy and challenging as the fog and sun would move in an out. (and thus, so many camera settings to change between shots!) it was honestly all so beautiful and so incredibly fun.

Chris and Megan have such a tangible love for each other. They truly made my job so easy and their emotion and joy is evident in every single photo. I t was an incredible blast getting to know them better & as a couple. Their September wedding can’t come soon enough!

Here are some of my absolute favorite shots!

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