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[Dave & Camille || Engaged]

DaveandCamille29 copy.jpg

I’m over here squealing with joy because it isn’t everyday you get to feature your sister-in-law’s (& future brother in law’s!) engagement photos on your blog!!

We had an incredible (AND QUICK) e-session because within the first 10 minutes of taking photos, we realized there was for certain a huge storm rolling through!

We took these photos at the place these two worked for years (they both started working on summer staff!) and where they met, fell in love, all of it.

It was really special to capture, and Clay even grabbed some video that I’ll feature soon (he had Ellis in the hiking backpack, super impressive!)

As you’ll see through the progression of these photos, it just kept getting darker and darker as the storm rolled in. I loved editing them accordingly and keeping the tones and shadows in suite to hold onto the integrity of what the shadow and lighting truly felt like. It was wild, fun, romantic, exhilarating— so many emotions! I may do a brief behind the scenes post next because it was just SUCH a fun and wild ride.

I will never forget this day & I hope you enjoy scrolling through these as much as I enjoyed taking & editing them. I think you’ll get a genuine feel for these two and their love for each other & the Lord just through these images.

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