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[David & Michelle || First Look]

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It’s always been difficult for me to adequately express the friendship I’ve had with Michelle since we were 14 year olds!

We had a million friends in common, and ended up both being on the same volleyball team. She invited me over to her house to hang out (like cool 14 year olds) and I pretty much never left.

We joke about how I never had a choice about being her friend, but the truth is that the Lord knew in His infinite wisdom how badly I needed a friend like her in my life.

Throughout the years, her and her family played huge roles in my life. Her dad is one of the smartest people I have ever met and since he worked form home & Mrs. Fogwell worked outside the home, he did all of the home schooling in their house (talk about a kick butt duo) I was also home schooled and as you can imagine, home schooling high schoolers is no small feat.

Mr. Fogwell ended up teaching me the rest of my math and science throughout high school (and then some) and my senior year my life was so intertwined with Michelle’s that I actually lived with them (I had my own bed and my own closet, sooo!)

Michelle and her family breathed a lot of confidence into my life. I will always be grateful to them for the everlasting impact they have made on me. I can truly say I will never be the same. They are family to me.

Something I have always loved most about Michelle is her ability to always allow those around her to be unapologetically themselves.

I have experienced Michelle in every setting possible, and she treats every human being with dignity and respect. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) adores her and feels comfortable around her. There are no smokes and screens where this girl is involved.

So when she met David, and I was skeptical (because it’s who I am) I was overwhelmed to see that HE was the only guy I had ever seen allow MICHELLE to be unapologetically herself. it was such an incredible feeling for me and truly didn’t take long for me to know he was going to be her forever person.

I have love watching each step of their relationship develop. What a privilege to be a part of such a story in the small way of having a front row seat to it.

At their wedding I served as Michelle’s MOH, so I knew there was no way I’d be shooting the whole wedding. So Michelle asked me to shoot her first look early in the morning, and then I took some detail shots. (Her official photog was Joanna Sue Photography)

This day will always be incredible special to me (absolutely beyond words) so here are some of my favorite shots!

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