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[Fogwell Wedding // Raleigh, NC]

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It’s an incredibly special day for me getting this wedding up on the blog!

I’ve known Graham for what feels like a million years, but when he started dating Mariela, I immediately recognized and knew she belonged with him.

It’s been incredible to watch their relationship develop and grow over time. Mariela is kind, gentle, and intentional. She fits with him and the entire Fogwell family so well. Graham is hard-working, loyal, and compassionate; he’s the best match for Mariela.

Their wedding day was one of the most intentional and intimate weddings I have ever been a part of.

The whole family poured their hearts into making this day a dream come true. From the flowers and ceremony backdrop designed beautifully by the groom’s sister, and the countless details added by his mother, the day was nothing short of spectacular; filled with more joy and love than some hope to feel in a lifetime.

From the special toasts, to the cake cutting and dancing— this wedding will forever been one for the books and I am so happy it will always have this space on my blog for years and years for me to always look back on and remember.

Enjoy some of my favorite moments below:

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