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[Instagram Update]

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Hellllloooooo friends!

I recently switched up my approach to how I am functioning on Instagram and wanted to take the time to explain why & what to expect.

I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, because as a human who runs a small business primarily through the interwebs & Social Media, I’m always checking and processing if I’m doing things in the best and most streamlined/efficient ways both for ME and people following along with me.

I’ve been thinking about switching it up on the ‘gram for awhile because I’ve been feeling a little discord in how my personal/professional accounts have melded together.

SO, with that said and by the recommendation of professionals much more professional than me, you may have noticed that I have switched a few things up!

I AM keeping two different accounts both an easy-going personal account, and a professional account that includes more of myself.

I didn’t want there to be room for confusion, hence this post, so below is what you can expect.

My personal account is now @thesprechers. I wanted to keep a “personal” account because YOU GUYS, I cannot say this enough— I am the type of human that NEEDS a place in the margins to share the messy parts of life. I want to continue utilizing this account pretty similarly to how I have been. You see, my professional account is strategically thought out and planned and I pour a lot of energy into making it professional and aesthetic— with that, there is SO MUCH of my life that is not “picture perfect” in any way shape or form. Do you know how many iPhone photos that I take of me and my fam that never get shared? how many adventures that never make their way past my external hard drive?! So this will be a place I continue to post the imperfect, non matchy little squares of life. I will continue to post funny stories of Ellis stealing my coffee and Gidget being her diva self…but I will be adding more family adventure photos, to give a bigger glimpse into the Sprecher family.

I hope that makes sense!

My professional account is now @alysprecher and is kind of an extension of myself and my business. I’m going to “show up” more in my feed while I continue to use this as an avenue to share my heart, soul, and fine art curated images of couples/babies/life/etc!

I’m going to become more active on this account VIA stories, and I hope you’ll join along in the adventure.

Whether you choose to follow one/both/whatever, I just wanted to say thank you for even following along with me. It means more than I could ever say— I’m beyond grateful for the support & love I’ve received through each and every one of you!

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