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[Michael & Holly // e-session]

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I had such a good time meeting up with Michael and Holly for their e-session. 

We had to reschedule once for bad weather, and it was absolutely worth it for the gorgeous weather we had that day!

(it did, however, snow later in the week! phew, you're killing us this winter/spring, Virginia!) 

We explored the Jame's River and downtown Lynchburg before finding some beautiful Cherry blossom trees!

Something I LOVE about engagement sessions is having the opportunity to learn more about couples-- sometimes I go into them knowing one of the two more, or even if I know them both well I always seem to learn so much while shooting engagement photos!

My FAVORITE thing I learned about Michael and Holly is... they BOTH are bus drivers at UVA and actually met on Holly's first day driving the bus! She explained that she was adamant about not wanting to date or be interested in someone so she chose not to even dress cute and then Michael walked onto the buss and the rest was history!! 

I loved this story and know it will forever be a fun way to share about how they met and fell in love. 

Man we just had a blast and I can't wait until their big day in June!

Here are some of my favorite shots: 

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