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[Michelle & David || ENGAGED // Raleigh, NC]


UGH. Please excuse me while I cry all the ugly big alligator tears trying to muster up the gumption to *finally* write this blog post and share some special photos!

Michelle and I became friends when we were fourteen years old. It was instant- the first time we ever hung out (on halloween!) we literally hung out and had a sleep over at least once a week until we left for college four years later.

We would be here all night long if I tried to muster up all the words to say how much she and her family have meant to me. I am, without a doubt, the person I am today because of their love and influence and encouragement. 

Michelle and I have always simply referred to each other as sister and although there are people to this day who don't know that we aren't- we will never stop seeing each other that way because "best friend" never really encompassed it!

We've been through a lot of life together and have maintained a close relationship through-ought it all. 

I attended college in the VA mountains, she attended in the NC beaches. This 100% did not stop us from 1) frequent phone calls 2) lots of texting 3) taking trips to visit each other each year. 

We grew and changed so much during those years and the years since, but as we have grown so has our friendship and our *sisterhood* and for that I am so grateful. It is so rare to enter into adulthood with your childhood friend right by your side. 

We OF COURSE were the girls always talking about and dreaming what our futures would look like. Jobs, traveling-- and yes, husbands ;) we both endured a lot of heartache over the years and not just in the realm of our love life, but life in general has a lot of heartache and tears and we both had our fair share. 

She was with me every second of my relationship when my husband and I started dating, stood next to me at our wedding, and has been the best auntie to our son Ellis. I have cherished it all so much!

So it is with a huge and happy heart I say that when she first started dating David I knew it was different. 

He was supportive and encouraging.

He allowed her to be unapologetically herself. 

He loved every quirk. 

And ultimately, brought out every strength and beautiful characteristic and charming personality trait. 

It was incredible to see and I only have joy looking forward and being an advocate of their marriage forever and ever. 

Here are some words from Michelle about how they met and started dating: 

"David and I met at work in April of 2016. He wasn't happy about working there, and when I tried to be nice to him - he kinda came off as a grump butt... In August, I needed to meet with someone on his team and his boss told me the only person available was him. Before our meeting he broke his wrist... and then his other wrist... being my southern nice, I told him "well that's awful - let me know if you need anything!" and being the northern realist, he asked me for a ride. Long story short I ended up driving him to work every day for a month and I started to learn just how kind and beautiful his heart was. We started dating in late September and pretty quickly knew that we were going to end up together. Before meeting me he had never wanted to get married ever, and before dating him - I never knew someone could make me so confident... Not just in the relationship - but in myself! He brings out the best in me and on my most butthead of days, he reminds me that I am good. He supports my need for independence and always helps talk through all of my emotions! I could go on forever talking about how well he treats me and how incredibly blessed I am by him, but I think you get the point!"

I adore this sequence. 

I adore this sequence. 



love love LOOOOVE you, sissy!

love love LOOOOVE you, sissy!

When ya girl is getting marrrieeeed! 

When ya girl is getting marrrieeeed! 

Auntie Michelle & future-uncle-David ;) 

Auntie Michelle & future-uncle-David ;) 

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