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[Mitchell & Emily // e-session]

Mitch_Emily097 copy.jpg

I'm so excited to share these precious photos on the journal because this was one of my #1 favorite days of being a photographer. 

My cousin Emily future cousin-in-law Mitch got engaged in October on a DISNEY CRUISE (so magical and I regret not being there SO MUCH) 

When they got engaged, we KNEW we wanted to get some engagement photos, but had a hard time working through the logistics because Emily is in Florida, Mitch in Kentucky and I am obviously in solid meeting points for that triangle, ha!

We were finally able to find a solution when Emily was visiting Mitch-- meeting as close to the "middle" as possible between KY/VA which put is in the great and beautiful state of West Virginia! 

Now, my time in WV has been pretty scarce to say the least (my *second mom* is from there so I visited once or twice with them but that's about it!!) 

So when it came to searching for a place for photos I relied heavily on the World Wide Web and let me tell you, google did not disappoint. 

I did spend A LOT of time researching different state parks/places with beautiful scenery, but ultimately ended on the New River Gorge as our location and let me tell you: IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE. I can't say that enough. It snowed the day before which added a magical narnia-like scenery. It was beautiful in every way and I will always cherish these photos because of that + the time I got to spend with Mitch and Emily! 

So with all that said, here are my favorites! Enjoy :) 

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