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[Philip + Hannah // Raleigh, NC]

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It’s a snowy Sunday here in the Roanoke valley, so I felt inspired to finally share this precious winter engagement session on the journal today!

I had an incredible time getting to know Philip and Hannah better and hearing more about their story. 

Philip is actually the first boy Hannah met in college! On her first day when she was moving in, he was there helping new students carry their things to the dorms. He helped her move in her stuff, and the rest is history ;) 

These to are extremely authentic individuals and their love is just as genuine and evident through all that they do and say!

The locations Hannah chose for these photos were both so special: first, we met at Boyce Farms, which is where Hannah's family has been making memories picking out Christmas trees for years. The second location blew my mind because I had never been there before- Hannah just asked if we could take some photos at a pond that was in her neighborhood. When we walked up to this place I immediately knew we'd get some really special shots. Hannah grew up playing and visiting this neighborhood pond, so it also had special significance and memories attached. 

A fun back story: this past summer I was shooting a wedding in Raleigh (where I lived for middle school and high school & where my parents still live) and this wedding was jam packed with people I’ve known for many years from various parts of my life. This is one of the coolest parts about being a photog— running into and seeing SO many people! I don’t always get to catch up with everyone, but it’s so nice to be able to see and squeeze people in person. 

Hannah was at this wedding and I remembered her as one of my campers when I was a camp counselor at New Life Camp. This was ages ago at this point, so I didn’t even know if she would remember… but she came over and said hello and I can’t say enough how much she blessed my heart that night just by coming over and remembering me. She has since been a camp counselor herself at New Life Camp in the VERY SAME cabin I was a counselor over. So cool. If you’re reading this and are a camp kid, you know just how special this place is and how it forever leaves an impact on your life and in your heart. I love you, New Life Camp, and I love you: camp friends. :) and Hannah: thank you for taking the initiative to come say hi! It was such a special memory for me. 

Anyways, all that to say— when Hannah got engaged and her and her sweet mom reached out I was ecstatic! These are special people and I am honored to walk this journey with them in a small way. 

Philip + Hannah- I can’t wait for June and to capture your wedding in my favorite way! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it all. 


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