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[Ryan & Emily || Roanoke, VA Engagement]

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So happy to have these two, their love, and engagement photos forever on my little spot on the internet (aka this blog).

These photos were taking just a few weeks before their wedding (which was just a 2 weeks ago!) so you’ll be seeing more of their magic later on; but I would have been ridiculous to not have this precious session up here for everyone to see.

Ryan and Emily only had a few-month engagement, so we knew getting in the e-photos would be tight, but we picked a date and knew we’d be moving forward no matter what (it was basically my last open Sunday in June!) so when the forecast was 100% rain, we knew we’d be going for it regardless.

I had a million different ideas for where to go (this was engagement session 1 of 2 for me during all the rain this specific weekend brought) but I’m so thrilled because we only had to use one of my rain ideas, which you’ll see at the beginning: photos in the world’s cutest ice cream shop.

They have a pure and sweet love that’s easy to see through these photos, and I truly loved every second I got to spend with them in our little valley.

More words to come with their wedding blog later on, but for now, here are some of my favorite photos from their e-session!