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[Sarah Maternity || Virginia Nature Preserve]

If you've been following along with me on this blog/journal or any form of social media, you know that me and my little family have been exploring this place we call home and have been hiking and biking and just truly having the time of our lives.

Something we have LOVED is checking out the local preserves. Virginia has incredible nature preserves; so gorgeous, well maintained, and often times pretty obscure! As much as we have loved living so close to the AT (Appalachian trail) it has been an absolute blast exploring these hikes and preserves which are a little less populated. 

When we stumbles across this particular nature preserve, my heart skipped a beat when the BOTTOM of the trail housed not only a beautiful waterfall and stream, but also really amazing caverns. 

I knew a moment later this is where I would bring my BFF, Sarah Beth Holland, to take her maternity photos. 

Sarah and I have been friends since the moment she stepped onto the campus of Liberty University. I was a year ahead of her and on the campus welcoming committee, so she literally stepped onto dorm 19 and I was there from that first second and knew immediately I needed to keep her in my life for the long haul.

This gal pal and I have been through a lot of life together these 8ish years. We've seen our fair share of heart ache, have lost family members, and been through some truly scary and sad seasons of life. 

We have traveled to Africa, plus several incredible cross-country trips together and have made such wonderful memories doing so!

We have fallen in love with our now-husbands right in front of each other and have stood up next to each other in both weddings to commit to support each other's marriage. 

Last year, she supported me unendingly while I took on the new and daunting roll of motherhood; this year, I get to do the same for her. 

Dear Sarah, 

You already make a phenomenal mother. I've known since the the beginning you would be! Your kindness, patience, and graciousness make any baby belonging to you the luckiest in the world. Your spunk, adventurous spirit, and goofy side is sure to keep your children full of joy and filled with the most amazing memories. Your consistency, steadfastness, and unwillingness to settle for mediocrity will offer them lifelong stability and inspire them to chase after any dream- big or small. Your fervor and love for Jesus will be an example for them to trust Him each step of their life. I pray that they come to know Him quickly and strive, like you, to live in His likeness. I pray they never take having you as a mother for granted, and I pray they are ready for the lifelong adventure of being loved and cared for by the best momma out there!

I love you and will always walk beside you- near or far. 

Cheers to you, mama! 


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