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[Product review: Solly Baby Wrap]

In my short months of being a mom, one of the questions I get asked about the MOST is baby carrying/baby carriers. So here is my full review of the Solly Baby Wrap 

Why Solly?

I did a lot of research on the different type of wraps and there are a TON! I chose Solly because: 

It was affordable. These wraps run around $65 which is on the more affordable side of these types of wraps/baby carriers. Even better, they constantly do different specials/promotions and will put certain styles or colors on sale- so if you're interested but still waiting on your babe to arrive- keep checking, but definitely add to your registry! 

I tried it on. I tried on SO MANY carriers from slings to multiple fabrics and this one by FAR fit the best. I honestly thought that I would never use a wrap like this since I couldn't stop questioning the safety/I really thought I couldn't be comfortable or feel safe with a baby in the wrap. I 100% thought it would feel like they were falling out, but that could not be further from the truth. This wrap has created so much stability, especially in the early days. When Ellis was a newborn/before he had neck strength, there's a technique to tuck his head in and make sure he's safe/stable/breathing. It was such a life saver when I needed to have my hands free for editing, blogging, cooking, laundry, reading, SO MANY THINGS.

The material is awesome. Something unique about the Solly is the material. SO breathable and stretchy and perfect. Seriously so so good. PLUS made in the US. double win. 


I adore the fit of this wrap. From the BEGINNING of postpartum when my belly was still swollen, this wrap was forgiving and willing to shrink with me through the months. It truly is a one size fits all and I appreciated that SO much.


It was hard for me to choose, but ultimately I went with black to go with everything/avoid yucky stains inevitable with a babe. They DO have a Rifle collab, and I LOVE THAT WRAP SO MUCH and if I ever bought another one it would absolutely be that. (you guys know I'm a SUCKER for all things Rifle. eek.) 


There just aren't words to say how convenient this wrap has been. Some of my favorite times using it:

My sister-in-love's college graduation. This was a long, hot day and the right between THREE of the little man's nap times, haha! I was also worried about him being passed around by all the people who he hadn't yet met since we were at my alma mater, and did not have the time to see everyone. This worked so well for us because he napped in this puppy several times, and even made it through the crazy clapping and noise makers. 

GROCERY SHOPPING. I think I have used this the MOST during grocery trips and it's been so great. It has also helped keep strangers from touching him, haha I wish I was lying about that but no, I'm not. It's been perfect and he loves staying close by during our grocery trips and target runs. 

Bonfires, birthday parties, etc. The wrap has been AWESOME for any type of outings where you wouldn't necesarrily have the chance to put the babe down, but don't want to miss out on the fun. One of my favorite memories was wearing him at a friends bonfire birthday!

Approachable, kind, professional

I can't say enough how much I love this company. They are the most approachable, kind-hearted, and professional individuals. The owner and maker of Solly, Elle Rowley is such an incredible lady and it's been such a joy to follow along with her on this journey of motherhood via social media. 

PLEASE feel free to ask any questions! 

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