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How can I solidify you as my wedding photographer? After we communicate and the date is available, I secure the date once we sign a contract + a 20% down payment. 

Where do you live/do you travel? My service area includes the Roanoke Valley as well as Lynchburg and the surrounding area. I am willing and love to travel and have a small traveling fee anywhere 60 miles outside my service area. 

How much do you charge for wedding services? I have a basic package I can send you via email, but am always willing to work with the any specific needs my clients may have. 

How do you do engagement sessions? Engagement session are INCLUDED whenever someone books a wedding with me! However, these must take place in my service area.

How do you pick a time and location for an engagement session? I try my ABSOLUTE best to work with you and your fiance's schedule for the day. For time of day, I am certainly not strict on time, however, the two hours of the sun rising and setting are called  *golden hour* and has the best and most magical lighting. A far as location, I am not picky! We will talk and see what your preferences are. Some couples have specific requests if they have specific locations that are significant to their love story! 

Do you provide props for engagement pictures? I do NOT provide/bring my own props- but you can certainly bring ANYTHING significant to your relationship to include in the photos!

I don't know what to wear for engagement photos!!! Will you help me? You KNOW I will! :) I have an email of advice/common mistakes etc. and am 100% down for texting back and forth option ideas. Even if you just need someone else to say "yep, you'll slay!" I am your girl. 

Do you have a second shooter? For my basic wedding package I do not, simply to cut costs for you! However, I do offer it as an option to hire on a second shooter if you have the budget for it/want to have one!

What happens if your equipment malfunctions? Although malfunctions are rare, they do happen simply because technology is not perfect. I do have a back up camera, several lenses, and I always shoot with multiple memory cards to ensure the most safety possible. 

When will I receive my photos?/How will I receive them? For engagement/portrait sessions, general two-three weeks. For weddings, generally four-six weeks. You'll receive them as an online gallery that you can download the full-resolution images. You can also share your online gallery with family + friends! Bonus is that the gallery will be available for 10 years online.

Can I print or post photos online? Absolutely! Once you have the photos, they are yours to use! I will also send along a print release, if requested/needed. However, do not allow the photos you receive to be edited and/or sold. 

Should I credit you on social media? When relevant, it is so sweet to receive credit (being tagged on Instagram/Facebook) even more so, I encourage you to also tag all of your incredible vendors (florists/planners/venues etc.) people love to be able to see their work shared online! 

Any more questions? Feel free to contact me!